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Welcome to Clarty

'Clarty' (adjective)    

Scottish/Northeast England dialect

meaning muddy, filthy, sticky, messy

to get clarty

Clarty Cottage       Country furniture, shabby chic, vintage finds, inspiration & a little background!

Clarty Garden            My favourite place; a love of gardening, plants, flowers and wildlife

Clarty Kitchen Kitchen/tableware and some of our favourite family recipes


Clarty Kids                 Fun ideas and lovely stuff for little treasures

Clarty Art                   Collection of artwork and photography inspired by my travels aswell as what's on my doorstep

About a bit of background...!


So why 'Clarty' ?

  Growing up between two villages in the North Yorkshire countryside I've always loved the outdoors and nature, the garden, the fields around us, the muddy country lanes... sheep, cows, goats, horses and an abundance of domestic pets. With both my grandfathers being Scottish, and with grandmothers and parents from Yorkshire and Northumberland - my family tree is endlessly northern and leads to Scotland from all directions!  Ensuring us 'bairns' never forgot our roots 'getting clarty' during our regular stays in Northumberland and Scotland as children was all part of life! The clartier the better! Clartin' generally kept us from other mischief...Clarty in the kitchen, clarty in the garden, we could get clarty anywhere!

  This influence has never left me and is a way of life I have tried to pass on to my own children- having travelled all over the world before and after my time at University, the Yorkshire Dales would always be home and I settled in beautiful Nidderdale, near to my parents, family and friends I've grown up with - never far away from a dry stone wall, a bleating lamb, a wonderful view and of course a cup of Yorkshire Tea over the stable door.

   So 'getting clarty' lives on in me, and in my children - mess is great  - we make things - we bake things - we paint things - we get creative... we get clarty - we clean up - we do it all again the next day!...

   Now, the kitchen and the garden are the hub of our home - muddy wellington boots adorn the cottage door, dirty finger marks lead the way along the hall, paint splashes are not just for the canvas, cake mixture tastes better when only half of it reaches the baking tin, and a successful day's gardening can be measured by the trail of muddy footprints, random produce growing in the veg patch, or a hungry hen eating the seeds so lovingly planted just an hour earlier... My creative side also enables me to enjoy painting, drawing and photography (when I get a spare minute!) and some of my work can be seen on the 'Clarty Art' page.

  A clarty home is a happy home!... and so the Clarty concept was born